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Grouch Gab with Dan Fogelman

I recently had the opportunity to screen Danny Collins, the directorial debut for Hollywood go-to screenwriter Dan Fogelman. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, I’m not surprised; but I’m sure you have heard of, or seen, at least one of his movies. Fogelman wrote screenplays for Cars; Tangled; Crazy, Stupid, Love; Last Vegas; The Guilt […]

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Danny Collins

Director/Writer: Dan Fogelman (Please be sure to read our interview with Dan in Chicago) Limacher Low Down: I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I went into Danny Collins, but I knew that the cast should more than hold its own. I was pleasantly surprised, when the end credits rolled. I had a smile […]

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What I first heard about Foxcatcher was the fact the press was really behind Steve Carell and his Oscar worthy performance. Bennett Miller created such a unique vision into fact based events, and also had three of the best combined acting performances in a movie seen in the past several years in Foxcatcher. I was […]

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I had wanted to see this movie after I first heard about it months ago. The excitement that took over me when it finally arrived in my area after a lengthy wait was nothing short of a kid the day before Christmas. I have found in the past that my excitement some time leads to […]

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