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After.Life proves what I have said throughout my existence; Death is the easy part, Life is what kills you. I will admit, there was a guy a couple rows behind me who thought it was AWESOME, and his girlfriend asked him if they saw the same movie?!!? I guess I wasn’t the only person who thought it was utter crap!

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Repo Men – Take Two

Repo Men is a futuristic sci-scare film that follows the life of a blue-collar company man working for a large corporation known as “The Union”.   His task is simple, if you have an organ resting in your body that was provided by his firm and you can’t make the payments on said organ, he […]

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Green Zone

Trust – is just a word. Green Zone will challenge you to take a stand on Iraq, and force you to face why we declared war there.  To bring violence, the full complement of the USA’s military machine, to bear on the hapless dictator with more doubles than Hitler and with his own trademark mustache, […]

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