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Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island

Growing up, I use to watch all the old monster movies like King Kong, Godzilla, Gamera, etc. They were cool to watch as a kid, you had big monsters, but not scary, throwing down with each other and smashing up cities. It wasn’t until I got older that I started to notice things like special effects and what it took to make these monsters move.

Here’s what Kong: Skull Island is about. A team of scientists and military personnel are sent to the Pacific to explore an uncharted island. Once they get there, the scientists use explosives, developed by a seismologist, to map out the island. Unfortunately, once the bombings start, the team quickly realize that some of the inhabitants of the island may not be so keen on them being there.

The story that the writers (Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein, Derek Connolly, and John Gatins) came up with seemed pretty simple at first glance. They came up with a believable explanation as to why everyone winds up on the island, but once everyone gets there the story really takes off and turns into something far from a simple monster movie.

Overall, I got old-school feels from a new school film, which was seriously cool. If you haven’t seen Kong: Skull Island yet… you should!

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Like many people, I’m (slightly) addicted to Netflix. It doesn’t help that they keep coming up with so many good things to watch, like this one for instance. Apparently, Spectral was originally going to come out through Universal Pictures in August 2016, but they changed their minds and transferred the rights to Netflix, who released it in December 2016. I think the way everything turned out was better for the film in the long run. Sci-fi films are a hard sell to audiences in the first place, and this one doesn’t have any “big” names in the cast line-up to help push it. Whereas sitting on Netflix gives it a chance to (slowly) find its audience and let word of mouth from the Netflix junkies (like myself) help its name get around without spending tons of money trying to advertise.

The story that Nic Mathieu, Ian Fried, and George Nolfi came up with is pretty cool. It’s about US forces that are engaging insurgents over a European country of Moldova. During a mission, a soldier gets separated from his team and runs into what appears to be a ghost. Fortunately, the camera goggles the soldier was wearing recorded the event. Soon, more and more sightings of these things are reported, and before long people are wanting answers. The US military brings in Dr. Mark Clyne (Dale), a researcher from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), who invented the goggles the troops use in the field to see if he came explain what these things are and why they can only be seen through the goggles and not by the naked eye.

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XX (2017)

Now, XX came out in February 2017 and it takes about eighty minutes to tell it’s four stories, which are: The Box, The Birthday Party, Don’t Fall and Her Only Living Son. XX fills in the spots between the stories with this creepy (stop-motion) walking dollhouse that goes around interacting with different things in the room. Instead of using the whole movie to tie everything together, like one big story, the dollhouse ends up being like a fifth story that doesn’t really end up being anything, but a creepy walking dollhouse.

Overall, it’s not my favorite anthology by any means and it’s definitely in my one and done pile, but a couple of the stories are cool. Since I found this one on Netflix (as of 7/14/2017) if you’re having a sleepless night, give it a spin.

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When you live in a small town in Michigan there isn’t a lot to do. So, Lou keeps herself busy by partying as much as possible. Tonight, like any other night, Lou and her friend Sadie hit a party and have a good time. The next day Lou doesn’t remember much about what happened that night, but Sadie said everything was cool. Then all of a sudden Lou starts feeling sick and that’s when she finds out she’s pregnant.

This movie is American-Canadian body horror and writer/director Danny Perez’s first feature film. Perez said the reason he created the script was to “subvert a lot of female archetypes.”

Back in September 2016, thanks to IFC Midnight getting the rights, the film had a limited theater release and it could be found on VOD. If you are curious about this one, as of March 2017, you can find it on Netflix.

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Directed by: Tod Williams Written by: Adam Alleca, Stephen King Some of the cast is: John Cusack as Clay Riddell, Samuel L. Jackson as Tom McCourt, Isabelle Fuhrman as Alice Maxewell, Owen Teague as Jordan, Stacy Keach as Charles Ardai, Anthony Reynolds as Ray, Erin Elizabeth as Denise and Joshua Mikel as Raggedy.  What do […]

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