Comet TV – Now on Apple TV and Roku!

There’s been so much news coming out of Comet TV this month, I don’t know where to start!

First, if you’ve missed a live run of any of the great sci-fi, cult classics, now you can watch them when YOU want, using Apple TV or Roku! 

Their new apps include live playback of regular broadcasts, plus integrated program and scheduling information, which is pretty awesome! Now you can actually plan out your viewing binges.


SG1 is back by popular demand. Rumor has it this month’s giveaway is going to be Mystery Science Theater themed too. And I freakin’ KNOW you’ll want to snag that one!  

Here’s their full April lineup, and here’s my Swift take on the films I have actually watched over the years.

The Crow: The movie that brought about the tragic end of an incredibly promising career and life of Brandon Lee, the son and martial arts heir apparent of Bruce Lee. This film is about coming back from the dead to avenge the murder of those you love. It’s gritty and depressing, kinda like life sometimes. The villain is also the guy who actually, accidentally killed Lee, and the whole time you watch it you think, man, Brandon’s star was just going to keep rising. Really sad, but a solid movie despite all the real life despair.

The Amityville Horror: I vaguely remember watching this film, after I became an adult. Quite frankly, I steered clear of this one as a kid, because my parents forbid me from seeing it, and I kinda agreed with them once I heard details from my friends. Based on actual events of The Lutzes claiming ownership after the brutal homicides, allegedly directed by a demon, this film stars James Brolin, not Josh, and even for a seventies film still manages to terrify many audiences upon first viewing. Incidentally, a Discovery Channel special on the actual events of Amityville are very, very scary . . . if you believe in ghosts and things.  

Ghoulies: By far one of my favorite “small monsters” films of the ’80s. I am still waiting for Comet TV to get Munchies though, a stupidly horrible horror film that speaks to me on many levels. But Ghoulies, while also ridiculous, manages to creep you out when you overlook the stupid puppet look of the monsters. If you put that aside, if a demon crawled out of your toilet while you were doing your business and crawled up into your business, the last thing you’d care about is how cool, or creepy, it looked!

That about does it for my April viewing, what about you? Subscribe to and you’ll be the first to hear about the April Mystery Science Theater giveaway coming soon!  




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