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Imagine the campfire above, but everyone has to log into an account then tell something to just the moderator and wait hours (or days) before their words reach the group. That was how commenting used to work on our site. 

Those days are over! 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I have been impressed with Disqus ever since my fiance introduced me to “The DIS“. 

And I know some of the things that annoy me about commenting on other sites include the dreaded “create user” or “subscribers only” traps where you are forced to go through all these clicks and steps to leave a simple comment.   

What are some of your biggest commenting complaints? 

Let’s see if Disqus can fix that.

Here’s some things I really love about Disqus:

  • Conversations happening in real-time. 
    • Before I had to approve every comment on the site, which caused a significant delay in interaction. 
  • GIFS, Pics, and Vids – Oh my!
    • You can now easily upload pics or video clips as comments. Because, let’s face it, sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words.
  • Did you notice?
    • Now you will get instantly notified when someone replies to your comment. And now that people can use pictures and clips, I dare you to ignore them.
  • Anyone can comment
    • Disqus lets you connect your account using many social media sites, and the whole process is seamless and painless.  Try it and see!
  • Finding new friends
    • I have made a few friends, or at least people I interact with regularly, on The DIS. I hope you’ll make some friends here too.

Granted, not everything is all cherries and sunshine. Unfortunately, a few of the existing comments on some of the posts were lost. But over 95% of our old comments are intact. Not too shabby, really.    

Oh, and here are some ground rules for comments. Keep posts on topic. Don’t be a total jerk. That’s pretty much it. 

So, as we transition to this new, fun format for community growth, I wanted to thank you all for your support and feedback.

If there is something you don’t like about Disqus, let’s discuss that . . . below.

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