Help Deadpool F-ck Cancer!

Enter to win Deadpool’s pink suit & support Fuck Cancer at 

I lost one of the smartest people I ever had the pleasure of knowing to cancer, and I am most definitely not “over it” – and I imagine many people out there feel the same way. If cancer were a person, you’d probably conjure up all sorts of malicious ways to kill it.

I’m sure Deadpool would fuck cancer in a colorful way with some awesome one-liner and a goretastic kill shot for the ages. That is why we love him!

So, when I saw that he was donating his suit, well a pink one anyway (probably because his roommate washed her socks with his gear) with the help of the amazing Omazers, I had to help spread the news.

I mean, anyone familiar with Deadpool’s origin knows how much he hates cancer; it almost took him away from lovely Vanessa. Deadpool is a love story, lest we forget.

Here’s the merc with the mouth’s special message on how you can win his slightly farted in pink suit:   

So, donate to @letsfcancer & you can enter to win with a donation as low as ten bucks!

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