Comet TV: October Treats

Comet TV is keeping me freaking busy! Sure, I am working on my first short film and holding down a “real job”, but that doesn’t stop the amazing Comet TV content from hitting my inbox every other week. There are even a few giveaways and months I have missed, because I am trying to juggle so many wonderful things. 

For example, I just created a fun little “How to Subscribe” video to make it super easy to figure out how to always stay connected to It was my first time using the service, and I must say it was a lot of fun. I will be getting more awesome gigs from them to be sure. And HINT HINT HINT, Subscribers are entered twice into every giveaway they enter which is going to come in handy this month. 

October is without a doubt the best time of the year for Comet TV content, horror films and series abound. This October Comet TV is featuring some macabre movie masterpieces. I was thrilled to see one of my favorite cult-classic horror comedies, Pandemonium. Where to begin? It’s a 1982 film about a school for cheerleaders where they are being killed off one-by-one in incredibly amusing ways. A dark Agatha Christie spoof. I watched it with my dad who only really wanted to see it, because he was a genuine Tom Smothers fanatic. That’s also how I got into my weird Yo-Yo phase too. Anyway, Tom plays the lead detective in the investigation which ends up featuring Pee Wee Herman playing second fiddle to an equestrian and is the film that made me start my decades long nerd crush on Carol Kane.  

They are also showing all the original Robocop films this month, and for me whenever I think of Robocop, I am reminded of a great comic shop here in South Florida called Tate’s which I frequent when I want to drop cash on geeky goods. They used to have a functioning arcade game of Robocop, and every time you entered the place you would constantly hear “Drop it!” emanating from the back of the shop. I can only imagine they had to get rid of it, because employees must have gone insane or something. But, yea, if you are a millennial and have never seen the original Robocop, Comet TV is running it all month.


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