Comet TV – July Lineup

Soylent Green

Hey, I missed June? Yea, sorry about that, folks, I was on a short hiatus due to vacation. Grouchy old farts like me need them from time to time so we don’t go postal. 

But, I am back now, and here’s the July Comet TV lineup.

As usual, here’s the films I have seen and my swift take on them all. 

Soylent Green (1973): Starring greats Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson, and Leigh Taylor-Young, I never actually saw this film from start to finish, and when I finally did watch it, I saw the end, which is a big part of what makes the film so noteworthy. I won’t dare ruin it for you here, but if you haven’t ever caught this one, it’s worth watching! I just wish I had seen it the way it was intended to be viewed.

Sometimes They Come Back (1991): A Stephen King horror about the consequences of our past coming back to haunt us and a nice twist on the old adage “you can never go home.” Tim Matheson will forever be Eric Stratton in Animal House, but he does a fair job alongside Brooke Adams as a believable tormented soul who wishes he could undo his past.

As a kid I know we always watched the Godzilla films on the weekends, but they all just sort of blend together in my memory now.

Doctor Who fans are in for a treat too, as there were two little-known feature films in the ’60s that Comet will be airing three times, in case you miss any! Personally, I never got much into Doctor Who after the ’70s, my Doctor Who was the guy in the large bright scarf, and it used to scare me as a kid, so I never delved far into that fandom now. And, yes, PLENTY of people keep telling me I should check out the show.

Oh, and rumor has it this month’s Comet TV giveaway is going to be something very special!

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