Explore the Shadotecture with Gyrus


Gyrus is coming . . . be a part of something spectacular, something new and wonderful.

Filmmaker, designer, composer, author, and renaissance man of surreality, Eric Chamberlain is asking for your help to make his decades long dream a reality.

A funny word, reality, it means different things to different people and cultures. Chamberlain looks to explore the meaning of reality by dissecting the very concept through a researcher and his subject as they discover a new realm.

It’s pretty trippy stuff, let’s be honest, but I am intrigued. The visualization and power of the cinematography married with the sounds in the teaser delight my imagination.

I see a lot of Kickstarter projects that seem to fade away into obscurity, but a quick glance at Chamberlain’s pitch page assuages that fear immediately. Most impressive is his commitment to finish what he starts, and I am sure Gyrus is no exception. 

Here’s just a few snippets that grabbed my attention from his pitch page:

“Your interpretation will say more about you than it does about me.

Beginning and playing as a film typically would, it will eventually evolve into a living phantasmagoria of vision, sound and revelation, a gleaming, surreal fantasia from an unknown reality.

You will see things that are simultaneously beautiful and terrifying, as is humanity.

Our mythology is based on the idea that we are part of a system over which we have no control, when in truth we define reality by defining ourselves. Our thoughts, actions, failures and judgments indicate what humanity is, while redemption keeps the possibility of defining ourselves open.”

So, take a few minutes, see what Gyrus is all about, and help Chamberlain make Gyrus a reality for the world to enjoy and explore.

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