Force Friday II is hitting over 20,000 stores!

Force Friday II

This weekend – Augmented Reality (AR) is coming to over 20,000 retail locations and select landmarks around the entire planet!

“Force Friday II” is here. Star Wars is launching this unprecedented event to introduce 15 new characters from The Last Jedi that YOU can interact with in YOUR environment.

There’s a whole new line of fresh The Last Jedi merchandise that they are rolling out this weekend. And, if you are anything like me, a giant Fanboy – this is a must attend event!

Here’s what you need, a decent smartphone, the Star Wars app and to get your butt out the door to one of the thousands of locations, that’s it. Then you just find the Force Friday logo and scan with your phone. Oh, you can also #FindTheForce online and scan thru online shopping and surfing. Wow, what a time to be alive!

If you are familiar with augmented reality games where you walk around catching monsters to do battle for you, this will be like that. Only it’s, to paraphrase my online buddy Adam Goldberg, “The Wars!” 

As you can tell, I already have the app and enjoy playing around with the selfie features and GIFs, emojis – all of it, and yes, this is true, ALL OF IT! Oh, and there are “Data Chips” to collect too – I can’t even keep up with how awesome this is!!!!!

Here’s the logo you’ll need to see for scanning. find-the-force-inline

May the Force Be With You

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