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In the before time, let’s call it about three years ago, I stumbled onto this YouTube channel where this zany lesbian would get drunk and attempt to cook things. So, flash forward a few years to present day, and she’s been pretty successful. With over 5 million fans across various social media apps, she’s caught the attention of a U.S. President, had a New York Times bestselling cookbook, produced and starred in a couple films and series, and tonight she will be launching her first show on the Food Network! And she hasn’t even hit 30 yet? Slow down!

If you aren’t familiar with her style of storytelling and cooking, it’s like watching a slightly intoxicated Red Fraggle pretend to be Martha Stewart. She drops in the puns and the little pop-culture references, keeps the audience engaged and interested throughout and it’s easy to see why she is so successful. She’s just being herself and it doesn’t matter how anything she cooks turns out, it’s just fun to watch her work.

Her series, I Hart Food puts her on the road, crossing the country exploring the culture and cuisine of each of the cities on her stops. What I think will make fans who have never heard of her stick around is her infectious personality. She never takes herself too seriously and always has fun in front of the camera and using sharp objects while liberally libated.  

Tonight, tune in and share your comments with #IHartFood @FoodNetwork – 10pm! As always, if you miss the shows live, there are plenty of chances to watch it on the Food Network app available at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Fire or your Roku player – and stream episodes live or on-demand with your TV subscription.  

Here’s a breakdown of the shows: (Sadly, I don’t see any stops in Florida, yet – but maybe that will be the next season?)

Premiering Monday, August 14th at 10pm (all times ET/PT) on Food Network – SERIES PREMIERE “Santa Fe”
Hannah is headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a city where both the temperature and the food gets hot. Whether it’s a New Mexican classic like a chile relleno, or an American classic like the hamburger, every delectable dish is smothered in red or green chilies. Hannah is touring through this flavorful city and showing us that spice makes everything nice!

Premiering Monday, August 21st at 10pm – “Asheville”
Traditional southern food like fried chicken and BBQ is just about everywhere in the south. But in Asheville, North Carolina, they put a unique twist on their southern cooking. Hannah is headed to Asheville to taste a variety of unique southern recipes like Mongolian BBQ lamb ribs, tandoori fried chicken and blueberry BBQ sauce.

Premiering Monday, August 28th at 10pm – “Portland”
Hannah is headed to Portland, Maine, a city famous for its fresh lobster. She’s tasting it every which way – on a roll with mayo, sauced-up in an Italian spaghetti and sautéed in some Thai spices. Hannah even catches her own lobster, something you’ve got to sea to believe.

Premiering Monday, September 4th at 10pm – “Eugene”
Hannah is ready to chow down and drink up in Eugene, Oregon. In this city, there’s no shortage of bars and bar food. From Japanese-inspired steak bites paired with a ginger cocktail, to a vodka-infused ice cream with bourbon caramel sauce, Hannah is tasting Eugene’s unique takes on food and drink pairings.

Premiering Monday, September 11th at 10pm – “Minneapolis”
Hannah is chowing down in the Midwest! She’s headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota for classic comfort foods with added delicious and elevated spins. From a Korean-inspired mac and cheese, to a deconstructed casserole, Hannah is indulging in some unexpected comfort dishes.

Premiering Monday, September 18th at 10pm – “Missoula”
Montana is known as ranch country, but in Missoula they’re taking their meat obsession to a whole ‘nother level. Hannah is digging deep into the meat of this city and tasting hearty dishes like lamb and polenta, bison tacos, and a 36-ounce rib eye.

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