Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars – Fathom Events Screening

Traitor of Mars

Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited about August 21st, and I keep saying, “The only good bug is a dead bug!” Of course they just give me dumb looks, because they are talking about the eclipse.

I remember my first eclipse, I was about nine years old, and I was convinced the world was going to end. Some of my friends had me all riled up about it, and when it finally happened, it wasn’t much to write home about. Now, when Starship Troopers launched in 1997, I actually did write home about it!

In case you apes haven’t heard yet, for one night only, Fathom Events will be showing Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars in select theaters near you. That’s Monday, August 21st! Mark your calendars, buy your tickets, and get ready to see something special.

Back in 1997, I read Heinlein’s classic sci-fi novel, Starship Troopers in anticipation of the film’s release. 

The screenplay by Ed Neumeier was what actually drew me in, just some high school kids called on to defend their entire species and planet from a swarm of giant spider-looking bugs. I freaking hate spiders, the only movie spider I tolerate is Charlotte – the rest can all rot! 

And like most men my age, I was smitten with Denise Richards and Dina Meyer and didn’t mind the co-ed scenes one bit in the Mobile Infantry. Plus, seeing Doogie Howser pull off a convincing bad ass, ruthless scientist was a real treat.

Coupled with my second favorite movie composer Basil Poledouris’ shall we say, highly charged, score – I was hooked on this film. It quickly became one of my “trap movies” (a movie that you have to watch to the end no matter where you stumble onto it and no matter what time it is).

I played the PC Game as far as I could while I was in college, then I had to quit, I think I got a decent platoon if I recall, that was also back in September of 2001 . . . when we got attacked by swarms of other bugs.

I am a huge fan of Starship Troopers. I wouldn’t call myself a super fan or anything. For instance, I didn’t really care for Starship Troopers 2, because it didn’t have the characters I loved. And Starship Troopers 3 was decent, but it was missing something . . . or someone.

I see that this new, animated feature will be bringing her back. Of course I am referring to Diz Flores. She is the feisty fire-headed gal who just loves Rico and would fight to the end to have him. It will be interesting to see how the animated characters hold up to the real life actors from the other films, but I am encouraged that it will soon become seamless, as they have managed to bring back Casper and Dina for the voice work.

So after you geek out and see the eclipse, treat yourself to a real R-rated action flick, because I guarantee you the eclipse action is gonna be stale and is over-hyped. Unlike this film which is being severely under-hyped.

Plus, because this is a Fathom Events screening, you will get a special introduction by Casper Van Dien and writer Ed Neumeier, with behind-the-scenes footage, and filmmakers’ interviews.

Head over to Fathom Events and book your seat today! 

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