Alpha – Who Saved Who?

AlphaSwift take: I typically avoid these kinds of movies featuring dogs, because well, I am human and I know how all these dog films tug at your heart strings. I know some people that refuse to watch films about man’s best friend for that very reason.

Alpha appears to have a Clan of the Cave Bear meets White Fang meets Never Cry Wolf feel to it. (God, did I just age myself or what?) As Alpha ventures to release next March, Sony Pictures is asking fans to submit stories and images of their four-legged friends on social media. 

So, share a photo of you and your hero using both #WhoSavedWho and #UseMyAlphaPic for an opportunity to be included in the Alpha artwork and fan gallery!  

And be sure and check out the trailer and let me know what your first takes are on this one.

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