Official Teaser: Solo A Star Wars Story

Qi'RaHan Solo is probably my favorite character of all time. I actually read his trilogy by A. C. Crispin and have to admit I am very nervous about how this “Star Wars Story” is going to play out.

I haven’t seen Alden Ehrenreich in anything. He seems a good fit for the classic Harrison Ford role, but I can already see he just isn’t Harrison Ford. What’s interesting is that when the new Star Trek films launched, I was not really looking for Chris Pine to become William Shatner, but that is exactly what he did! He seriously didn’t just play the part of James Tiberius Kirk, he played the part of William Shatner. Now, I am spoiled forever, and will expect no less from Ehrenreich. He has a Rancorian task ahead of him.

Star Wars “Fanboys” are the most unforgiving humanoids in the galaxy – and now this film is not so far far away. In fact it will be here in May!

Now, in the novel trilogy Han falls in love with a former slave, Bria Tharen who has been tricked into religious zealotry by a Hutt faction that is able to essentially manipulate endorphins of humans and other lower beings. Bria is a fascinating character though, and I am a bit bummed she isn’t getting any justice. But, we do get Emilia Clarke as some space chick named Qi’ra. So that’s not too shabby, and we will learn how Han met Chewie and why they are such loyal friends. 

Of course no Solo movie would be complete without Lando Calrissian, played this time by Donald Glover, who I am not putting nearly as much pressure on to be incredible as I am Ehrenreich.

Oh, and let’s not forget all the controversy surrounding Disney firing the previous directors for trying to give us some campy space comedy – thank the maker they switched hyper-drives and picked up stalwart workhorse Ron Howard. He has had a few misses according to other critics, but I have always liked his style, and I am glad to see he is giving this character the respect he deserves.

Now, will people like me love or hate the “new” (err, old) Han Solo – not even Yoda can predict that. “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”     

Official Teaser – Solo: A Star Wars Story on Disney Video

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One Response to Official Teaser: Solo A Star Wars Story

  1. Ryan February 9, 2018 at 7:34 am #

    “Rancorian task ahead of him”. I see what you did there, let’s hope this guy doesn’t have the same fate as that infamous Rancor…Han is my wife’s favorite character too, so to say there is a lot hanging on this one is an understatement. As big of Disney fans as we are, this one could be a deal breaker for her if they screw up her scruffy looking nerf-hearder in this film. The trailer definitely peaked my interest but I have been let down before by a good trailer and after that crap of the previous Star Wars movie, I’m cautiously optimistic

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