Official Trailer: Chappaquiddick

Jason Clarke as Ted KennedyI once wrote a paper on this event in high school titled “Silence is golden.” See if you can guess why.

Swift take: Ok, let’s just get right to it, how many times are we going to watch a politician snuff out Kate Mara? And is this poor gal type-cast as the perpetual victim who knows too much and who gets too close? It’s funny, and tragic, how these stories about senators (on both parties) have these mysterious incidents where interns and aides just die and there is no real closure in society.

I am thrilled to see Hollywood FINALLY telling this story, but I wonder how many people will care at this point? Aren’t the dead forever silent? It isn’t brave to make a movie about Ted Kennedy’s sins after he’s already left this mortal coil. But, I do applaud Director John Curran for having the guts to go after the Kennedys. 

Also, I am a big fan of Jason Clarke, ever since Zero Dark Thirty, and I really loved his character in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Seeing some of the normally funny guys, Ed Helms and Jim Gaffigan in such serious roles will be interesting. But, I can already see that Bruce Dern is going to steal the whole film as Joe Kennedy, a patriarch for the most controversial family in American history.   

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