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Steel Dawn

Comet TV – August Lineup

Now, the film we delighted in watching back in my teens was Steel Dawn, starring action hero Patrick Swayze as Nomad, a bad ass in a post-apocalyptic world who has to help some settlers survive. I can’t really remember much about Steel Dawn other than it was pretty violent, and I think we were too young to watch it. But, now it is playing on Comet TV this month, so I can check it out again – FOR FREE! That’s 100% free, no illegal downloads or trick commitment to sign-up to any garbage to “get something for free.” It’s airing this Friday at 8P/7C.

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Soylent Green

Comet TV – July Lineup

Hey, I missed June? Yea, sorry about that, folks, I was on a short hiatus due to vacation. Grouchy old farts like me need them from time to time so we don’t go postal.  But, I am back now, and here’s the July Comet TV lineup. As usual, here’s the films I have seen and […]

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Wish Upon

Preview: Wish Upon

My father used to always tell me very candidly, “Be careful what you wish for, my son, because you will always get it.” So, when I got this odd thing in the mail the other day and it directed me to make a wish, I had to think about it for days before coming up […]

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Comet TV – Now on Apple TV and Roku!

There’s been so much news coming out of Comet TV this month, I don’t know where to start! Their new apps include live playback of regular broadcasts, plus integrated program and scheduling information, which is pretty awesome! Now you can actually plan out your viewing binges.

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Cherry 2000

Comet TV – March Lineup

We’re already a few days into March, and Comet TV is breaking out some badass titles for your viewing pleasure. So, let’s take a brief look at the March lineup and my breakdown of stuff I have seen. Cherry 2000: A 1988 dystopian film set in 2017 (yes, for real) about a guy trying to […]

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