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Comet TV – Now on Apple TV and Roku!

There’s been so much news coming out of Comet TV this month, I don’t know where to start! Their new apps include live playback of regular broadcasts, plus integrated program and scheduling information, which is pretty awesome! Now you can actually plan out your viewing binges.

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Cherry 2000

Comet TV – March Lineup

We’re already a few days into March, and Comet TV is breaking out some badass titles for your viewing pleasure. So, let’s take a brief look at the March lineup and my breakdown of stuff I have seen. Cherry 2000: A 1988 dystopian film set in 2017 (yes, for real) about a guy trying to […]

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Comet TV February

Comet TV – February Lineup

Whenever I get these lineups, I like to peruse the list and see how many of the films I have actually watched. Most of the time, there are only a couple I have seen, or I saw them so long ago I forgot almost everything about them. So, I thought I would try something with […]

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Can you Fathom: Snowden?

Swift take: I just scored some tickets to the Snowden LIVE Fathom Event, followed up by a 45 minute Q&A with Director Oliver Stone (via sat in NY) and Edward Snowden himself (via Moscow) on September 14th.  The general release of Snowden will be in theaters this Friday. This is one of those rare times […]

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