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Buckout Road

Preview: Buckout Road

My friend Jessica Cameron told me all about this new film she’s in, Buckout Road. When I first headed to the site I saw that film was “Based on a Rumor” and was instantly intrigued. 

We have all heard of that one dark street in our city that “even the cops” or in my case, “even the cartel” won’t drive down alone at night. New York has Buckout Road, rumored to be the most haunted stretch of paranormal pavement in America. With a dark history of terror and untimely demises of its unfortunate travelers, Buckout Road has claimed victims for centuries. 

It looks like more than just a gorror genre or more than a psychological thriller, it looks to be touching on many aspects of horror films. The story sounds complex and interesting, and I look forward to taking a trip down a hopefully safer road to check this one out once it hits theaters. 

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The Snowman Prize Pack

There’s this new film The Snowman coming out next week starring Michael Fassbender as an investigator looking into a serial killer that decapitates his victims and places their heads onto snowmen. I am guessing maybe his parents wouldn’t let him watch the “Frosty the Snowman” special when he was a kid, or something. Anyway, it has a Silence of the Lambs look to it, and I am really looking forward to screening it.

And the wonderful folks at Universal are giving away a custom designed Snowman plush, which has a removable head, because it’s perfect. You will get the plush, a t-shirt, and a note from the killer!

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Star Wars The Last Jedi

Trailer: The Last Jedi

People keep asking me what movie I am most looking forward to seeing this year, and all year I have been replying with, “You mean besides The Last Jedi?” I know a lot of people were underwhelmed with The Force Awakens and were fairly harsh on how it was essentially just a rehashing of A New Hope, which is true to some extent, but I have always contended that we are only seeing one chapter in a three-part series. What has always enticed me about Star Wars is how they understand the concept of not giving away all the goods at once. It’s like a horror novel or film that saturates the reader with the monster too soon and too often. Star Wars doesn’t make that mistake, well, the classic trilogies didn’t anyway. 

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Comet TV – September Highlights

September is Godzilla month at Comet TV. All day Labor Day they will be running a marathon. And whenever I think of Godzilla, it’s always who he is “VS” that intrigues me. So, to that end, I have had a little fun with the latest Comet TV giveaway, none other than Godzilla himself. But, when I got him out of the box, he started attacking all my friends!

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Steel Dawn

Comet TV – August Lineup

Now, the film we delighted in watching back in my teens was Steel Dawn, starring action hero Patrick Swayze as Nomad, a bad ass in a post-apocalyptic world who has to help some settlers survive. I can’t really remember much about Steel Dawn other than it was pretty violent, and I think we were too young to watch it. But, now it is playing on Comet TV this month, so I can check it out again – FOR FREE! That’s 100% free, no illegal downloads or trick commitment to sign-up to any garbage to “get something for free.” It’s airing this Friday at 8P/7C.

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