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Final Trailer: Deadpool 2

There is just something about Deadpool that appeals to every geek boy. I mean, let’s face it, we all wanted to be ninjas growing up, and Wade is basically that, with razor-sharp katanas and that skin-tight leather outfit. We always wanted to get away with saying whatever we want, to whoever we want, and to have a “try me” if you don’t like it attitude. And Wade certainly delivers there, but the best thing about Deadpool is that he breaks the fourth wall, a lot. And it is always funny as hell when he does it!

By my quick count, I noticed one dig at MCU, one dig at DCU, and one dig at Brolin’s characters from The Goonies. If the trailer is just the tip of the Wadeberg, I can’t fathom how much fun this film is going to be. May is shaping up to be a fine month to hit the movies! 

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Official Trailer: The Samaritans

Swift take: This has a resemblance to another indie horror I reviewed last year, Truth or Dare which ratcheted up the gore and dismay to an uncomfortable level. The Samaritans looks like it will do the same – terrify and torment the audience, seemingly calling them wimps if they even look away for a second. With an interesting plot and what appears to be a compelling story, I think this one will impress indie audiences.

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Official Trailer: Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald

When the first Fantastic Beasts film came out, it was like a magical gift. And I was hopeful that it would be a resounding success, because I am definitely a fan of the entire Wizarding World. Thankfully, it was so well received that we now have the sequel, and the characters, we have been clamoring for ever since we learned about the enigmatic Headmaster Dumbledore’s past. 

Now that we have a trailer, it’s like, this is real. We are about to see a new Dumbledore, with Jude Law playing a young man on a mission of urgency.

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Official Trailer: The Grinch

I watched the live-action Jim Carrey_ film when it came out. I didn’t hate it, but it just never really felt like the real Grinch to me.

What makes a cartoon fun is the ability to really play with the characters. And poor Jim Carrey endured hours of makeup as did all the rest of the Who cast too, just to try and capture that flexibility. To me, that was a waste of time and money. And apparently Carrey had to sit with a CIA agent who trained him how to endure torture just to make it through the days.  

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Jason Clarke as Ted Kennedy

Official Trailer: Chappaquiddick

I am thrilled to see Hollywood FINALLY telling this story, but I wonder how many people will care at this point? Aren’t the dead forever silent? It isn’t brave to make a movie about Ted Kennedy’s sins after he’s already left this mortal coil. But, I do applaud Director John Curran for having the guts to go after the Kennedys. 

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