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Alpha – Who Saved Who?

Swift take: I typically avoid these kinds of movies featuring dogs, because well, I am human and I know how all these dog films tug at your heart strings. I know some people that refuse to watch films about man’s best friend for that very reason. Alpha appears to have a Clan of the Cave […]

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Preview: Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built

This film looks to be billed as a horror film, where I am assuming the presence of ghosts will be very real. I am thrilled to see that and am praying it won’t be one of those films that focuses more on the struggle of proving her sanity. I am reminded of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which was a decent courtroom drama, but they sold it as a horror flick . . . which it wasn’t. If CBS Films decides to turn this film into a preachy mess and skimps on the spirits, it will irk me to no end. If they manage to balance all the different elements, it could be a real winner with cinephiles like me.

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Preview Bad Moms Christmas

Preview: A Bad Moms Christmas

I am not a mom, but I LOVED Bad Moms. I could relate to the characters of Amy (Mila Kunis), Carla (Kathryn Hahn), and Kiki (Kristen Bell) as they dealt with the snotty, bitchy moms Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate), Stacy (Jada Pinkett Smith), and Vicky (Annie Mumolo). When I heard a sequel would be coming out this year, I was very happy.

What kind of mischief will the bad moms get into in A Bad Moms Christmas? From the previews I’ve seen, A Bad Moms Christmas will be another wild ride, and this time around we meet the moms of the bad moms!!!!! Luckily this Christmas present is coming early, as A Bad Moms Christmas opens in theaters on November 3rd. I cannot wait to go see it.

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Buckout Road

Preview: Buckout Road

My friend Jessica Cameron told me all about this new film she’s in, Buckout Road. When I first headed to the site I saw that film was “Based on a Rumor” and was instantly intrigued. 

We have all heard of that one dark street in our city that “even the cops” or in my case, “even the cartel” won’t drive down alone at night. New York has Buckout Road, rumored to be the most haunted stretch of paranormal pavement in America. With a dark history of terror and untimely demises of its unfortunate travelers, Buckout Road has claimed victims for centuries. 

It looks like more than just a gorror genre or more than a psychological thriller, it looks to be touching on many aspects of horror films. The story sounds complex and interesting, and I look forward to taking a trip down a hopefully safer road to check this one out once it hits theaters. 

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