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H-Man’s 10 Worst of 2014

The H-Bomb:  Well, since I did a “Best of” list, it’s only natural for a “Worst of” list to follow, and my God there were some doozies this year.  Now, please keep in mind, these are all opinion based.  Specifically, my opinion.  If you disagree with me, fine.  If there are some movies listed below […]

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A harbor seal I got the chance to interact with at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Her name is Rachel, and she is incredibly sweet. Some of the pinnipeds in the care of the Discovery Kingdom staff were rescued from the wild after suffering horrendous injuries inflicted on them by humans. Some of the rehabilitation stories are remarkable. I left a piece of my heart at that facility.

A Case Against Animal Rights

I know it feels good to think you care about the well being of animals in captivity, but if you really cared about them, you would support the institutions that house them. The money you spend on admission, food, and souvenirs goes essentially right into their mouths, and it goes to help these institutions continue to do great work in terms of conservation.

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Movie Etiquette

It needs to be said, ushers used to be effective. My dad was an usher in the 60s and when he flashed his light in your face and uttered the words, “You, Out!” there were no arguments.

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