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Attack of the Killer Donuts

I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into screening this one. I remember watching Attack of the Killer Tomatoes in middle school and being underwhelmed, other than one scene where this old guy is on a rocking chair and casually comments that he’s watching the tomatoes eat a kid or some shit. So, I kept an open mind and was hopeful that I would at least be mildly entertained. Gotta admit, for a low-budget farce film, this one had a couple of nice moments.

Ultimately, unless you go in for the zany screwball, farce films like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes creature feature films, you are probably not going to wait in line to order up a dozen of these little bastards, but if that is your thing, you might just add this quirky little flick to your cult-classic collection. I mean, it is what it is, the filmmakers know exactly what you want to see, and they don’t disappoint.

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Justice League

Justice League

Batman forms his league comprising of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and others mentioned above, so that they can stop Steppenwolf from getting the boxes and destroying our planet. Can they learn to work together in time to stop the threat or will they fail? Will the team bring hope again? Seeing this may answer that for you.

Overall I was disappointed the most by the characters of this film. Aquaman wasn’t portrayed as King of Atlantis but more like just a dude who has special powers. While The Flash was funny, it was mostly by him being in the presence of superheroes and him showing us why he shouldn’t be there. The laughs were more about him being pretty much a coward. While I don’t know much about Cyborg, he was the most level headed one of the new characters. His character arc is probably the best option, yet his character seemed pretty mechanical. (No pun intended.)

The film’s most exciting part for me was a side scene where we see the Amazon’s defend one of the three boxes in question. The Amazons are just so fun to watch. I wish I could have said the same for the rest of the cast. I’m still feeling the disappointment.

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Murder Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express

The Josh Chop: Honestly I’m kind of getting sick of films being remade. In this case I didn’t mind it, because I never saw the other 2 versions. (the ’70s film or the TV show) The amount of talent oozing from this feature should have ensured a great film. Instead it was a good film mostly about how far pain can reach after someone has been murdered. The film felt like the movie Clue on a train but a lot less funny, yet still intriguing.

Murder on the Orient Express took its time exploring most of the other characters on the train. If you’ve read the book by Agatha Christie, you’ll know how the story ends, but of course I won’t ruin it for you here. While this film isn’t necessarily a long film, I felt like there was a lot going on and a lot of backstories explained and delved in to.

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Like many people, I’m (slightly) addicted to Netflix. It doesn’t help that they keep coming up with so many good things to watch, like this one for instance. Apparently, Spectral was originally going to come out through Universal Pictures in August 2016, but they changed their minds and transferred the rights to Netflix, who released it in December 2016. I think the way everything turned out was better for the film in the long run. Sci-fi films are a hard sell to audiences in the first place, and this one doesn’t have any “big” names in the cast line-up to help push it. Whereas sitting on Netflix gives it a chance to (slowly) find its audience and let word of mouth from the Netflix junkies (like myself) help its name get around without spending tons of money trying to advertise.

The story that Nic Mathieu, Ian Fried, and George Nolfi came up with is pretty cool. It’s about US forces that are engaging insurgents over a European country of Moldova. During a mission, a soldier gets separated from his team and runs into what appears to be a ghost. Fortunately, the camera goggles the soldier was wearing recorded the event. Soon, more and more sightings of these things are reported, and before long people are wanting answers. The US military brings in Dr. Mark Clyne (Dale), a researcher from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), who invented the goggles the troops use in the field to see if he came explain what these things are and why they can only be seen through the goggles and not by the naked eye.

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Thor: Ragnarok

Meet Hela

Forget Wonder Woman, there’s a new badass babe in town, well, in Asgard anyway. Wait until you meet Hela! Cate Blanchett prevails as the goddess of Death. She was incredible as the virgin queen, Elizabeth, but watching her transform into Hela is what most people will remember about Thor: Ragnarok. Hela is the first leading female villain for the Marvel feature films. Most of the film is a slapstick buddy comedy along the lines of Lethal Weapon, with a few too many inside jokes, but when shit gets real, it gets pretty intense and is an action flick worthy of the Avengers franchise.

While there is plenty of violence, there isn’t much sexual content (if any, really) so I am confident calling this a family friendly action film. It’s nice to see the tone change in this one, where you can tell that the director didn’t take things so seriously, which is pretty much what he is known for actually.

You will chuckle at the choices Thor makes, the colorful characters he picks up along the way, the buddy jokes between him and the “strongest Avenger” and they manage to tell a pretty compelling story about how the sins of our past can haunt us and the difficult realities of surviving in a dysfunctional family. I mean, consider Thor, his dad is the strongest force in Nine Realms, his adopted brother is always trying to kill him, his mom is dead, and now he’s just been told he isn’t the air to the throne, he has a psycho sister that he must deal with, all while trying to keep the audience laughing along. And, the funny thing is, he does! 

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