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Rampage was by far one of my favorite arcade games to play as a kid. It was simple and fun with a bit of a twist, you were the monster. You got to smash buildings, cars, and eat people as either a giant werewolf or a massive gorilla. For a kid with a lot of pent up video game rage, Rampage was the perfect place to escape watching my friends who could master combos on Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. So when I heard about a film adaptation of the game starring The Rock, I was like – yes please!

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Ready Player One

Ready Player One

I am an ’80s film geek; I was nurtured on Spielberg films. When I first heard about Ready Player One it was in the form of a tweet with someone not too keen on it being made into a movie. The quip was something about how the book was essentially all just mediocre writing with more pop-culture references than plot. So, even though it was being directed by the legend, I was keeping my expectations humble. While I haven’t hated anything Spielberg has done, I have definitely been disappointed with some of his stuff, like A.I. and The BFG for instance. But, after plugging into OASIS and seeing how incredible the vast virtual universe was and how powerfully the characters were conveyed in both realities, I must say, I was blown away by all aspects of this fantastic film. This is one of the best Spielberg films of all time!

It’s like the ’80s exploded onto the screen in a giant cataclysm of radicalness that you get to see in your lifetime. Don’t miss out!

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A Wrinkle In Time

A Wrinkle in Time

Is A Wrinkle in Time as epic as the hype makes it seem?

This movie addresses a lot of serious issues for children middle school age and above. I would highly recommend it for all ages and even recommend seeing it with an adult because it’s a movie that could spark a lot of discussion.

This movie in the sense of plot and how vibrant it is really is no different from any other Disney movie out or coming out soon. Disney has a brand, and it works.

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Tomb Raider

It’s essentially Arrow meets Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and I am not complaining. Whenever I go see a movie based on a video game, I set my sights to “just keep me entertained.” Tomb Raider wins points for being stimulating, interesting, and filled with mostly plausible action sequences. One of the reasons I had no desire to see the Jolie films is that I never really played the game that much, and I considered the character to be a ridiculous fantasy. I am pleased to say that Vikander has brought some needed reality to an otherwise forgettable character.

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When I first saw an ad for Bright, I felt the same way. Actually I thought of it more like Alien Nation, where there is an extraterrestrial species trying to assimilate with humans and work on the police force. I was excited to see Bright, and I was looking forward to getting a press screening for it. But, then I found out it was coming out on Netflix with no theatrical release. Interesting, I thought – and rather than focus on why that was happening, I decided that I would definitely be checking this one out. All I can say is, sorry I took so long, David Ayer!

I am a casual fan of Ayer, but I had no idea he was behind Bright. I was a bit disappointed with Suicide Squad, but my main critique was that he didn’t tap into what made him great, namely Training Day and End of Watch. Speaking of Suicide Squad, you will recognize quite a few of the actors in Bright.


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