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I Feel Pretty

The comedy I Feel Pretty seems to target a specific audience and based off some reactions I’ve seen, I think if the trailer doesn’t appeal to you, you might not want to see it.

The film stars Amy Schumer as Renee. Renee works for an “IT Girl” style makeup company called Lilly Le Claire. The catch is she works in a basement off site for the Technology Department. Renee is portrayed as the typical girl who has friends and a happy life but wants more. She wants what’s advertised as the conventional beauty and conventional success story.

After a montage of things going wrong for Renee opens the film, we she her watching a film which causes her to run out into the rain and wish to be beautiful. Followed by her throwing a coin into the fountain in front of her. The next morning she attends Soul Cycle and falls off her bike and hits her head. This results in Renee gaining an indescribable amount of confidence and going about her life as if she has a new body that no one can recognize as hers. To the bewilderment of her friends, and all those she interacts with, no one questions it. From there hilarity ensues, and I Feel Pretty is a good ride. I do however have a few problems with the film.

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The Party

The Party is not so much about the physical gathering of friends, or what must pass for friends in Britain, as it is actually a treatise on the hypocrisy of party politics when love and passion take control.

Janet (Thomas) has just been promoted to a high ranking government office in England, and naturally she invites the people who supported her and encouraged her to help her celebrate her good fortune. But as the story unfolds, everyone is ultimately revealed to be living different lies, all surrounding different aspects of love. Oh, but this is not a love story, it’s about how foolish we behave trying to convince others we aren’t just base creatures terrified of our actions as we mask those emotions and call it love.

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Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

The tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter goes like this, there is a boisterous little rabbit named Peter who defies his mother by eating vegetables out of a nearby garden. His sisters obey their mother and receive a fine supper, while Peter gets sick from being chased by the owner of the garden, Mr. McGregor. That’s pretty much it. So, I wasn’t sure how Sony was going to make this into a feature length film. It would need a lot more to flesh out such a simple story. But, did they go too far with creative license or manage to get it right? 

What makes Peter Rabbit a quality film is the brilliant balance of interweaving Potter’s illustrations into the cinematography in a way that parents could appreciate as a reminder of the classic whilst keeping the attention of the kids who are used to seeing big CGI effects in films. There’s a good story in Peter Rabbit, and I was definitely entertained and would recommend you check this one out with your family.

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Attack of the Killer Donuts

I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into screening this one. I remember watching Attack of the Killer Tomatoes in middle school and being underwhelmed, other than one scene where this old guy is on a rocking chair and casually comments that he’s watching the tomatoes eat a kid or some shit. So, I kept an open mind and was hopeful that I would at least be mildly entertained. Gotta admit, for a low-budget farce film, this one had a couple of nice moments.

Ultimately, unless you go in for the zany screwball, farce films like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes creature feature films, you are probably not going to wait in line to order up a dozen of these little bastards, but if that is your thing, you might just add this quirky little flick to your cult-classic collection. I mean, it is what it is, the filmmakers know exactly what you want to see, and they don’t disappoint.

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Thor: Ragnarok

Meet Hela

Forget Wonder Woman, there’s a new badass babe in town, well, in Asgard anyway. Wait until you meet Hela! Cate Blanchett prevails as the goddess of Death. She was incredible as the virgin queen, Elizabeth, but watching her transform into Hela is what most people will remember about Thor: Ragnarok. Hela is the first leading female villain for the Marvel feature films. Most of the film is a slapstick buddy comedy along the lines of Lethal Weapon, with a few too many inside jokes, but when shit gets real, it gets pretty intense and is an action flick worthy of the Avengers franchise.

While there is plenty of violence, there isn’t much sexual content (if any, really) so I am confident calling this a family friendly action film. It’s nice to see the tone change in this one, where you can tell that the director didn’t take things so seriously, which is pretty much what he is known for actually.

You will chuckle at the choices Thor makes, the colorful characters he picks up along the way, the buddy jokes between him and the “strongest Avenger” and they manage to tell a pretty compelling story about how the sins of our past can haunt us and the difficult realities of surviving in a dysfunctional family. I mean, consider Thor, his dad is the strongest force in Nine Realms, his adopted brother is always trying to kill him, his mom is dead, and now he’s just been told he isn’t the air to the throne, he has a psycho sister that he must deal with, all while trying to keep the audience laughing along. And, the funny thing is, he does! 

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