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A LEGO Brickumentary

Build well! Directed by: Kief Davidson, Daniel Junge Written by: Daniel Junge, Davis Coombe Cast: Jason Bateman, Jamie Berard Swift shot:  AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego) and KFOLs (Kid Fans of Lego) will love this wonderful documentary about their favorite little Danish building bricks.  If you don’t learn anything new watching this film, you are probably already deeply […]

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Janey Makes a Play

Swift shot: There’s an electricity, or even a magic spark, that always seems to keep community theatre productions alive. The sleepy American city of Rio Vista, California has been granted that magic in the form of the incredibly affable, enlivened cherub, Janey Callahan-Chin. With over 90 years on our planet, Janey’s written many plays for her friends and community. Director Jared Callahan, and crew, chronicle Janey and her determined denizens as they attempt to bring to life her eighteenth play! While the film focuses on Janey, this is really a tale about old fashioned American gumption and a lesson in the true meaning of community.

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My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

“You are not easy to live with.” Written and Directed by: Liv Corifixen Cast: Nicolas Winding Refn, Ryan Gosling, Liv Corifixen, Alejandro Jodorowsky The H-Bomb: Insecurity and self-doubt can torment any artist, especially if they are following up a great success. Because their newest work is being awaited with a degree of anticipation, the fear […]

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The Hunting Ground

Sequi pecuniam in quo est verum Writer/Director: Kirby Dick Cast:  Annie E. Clark, Andrea Pino Swift shot: Director Kirby Dick opens the eyes of America with a chilling expose on sexual assault cover-ups on campuses across the United States.  Assuming that each case is credible, you’ll wish you were watching fiction. But overall, you’ll be […]

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How to Die in Oregon

How to Die in Oregon – Tastefully and tactfully filmed and edited, this film is completely enthralling. You feel every powerful emotion right along with these terminally ill patients and their families. There is sadness in knowing the end is soon, but rejoice in knowing the end is coming at a time of the person’s choosing.

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