The DL with Aaron Schneider – “Get Low”

David Limacher recently sat down with Aaron Schneider whose Feature Film Directorial Debut is coming out this week, “Get Low” starring Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, and Sissy Spacek among others. David sat down in Chicago and talked about an array of things such as Aaron’s hometown, how he got into making movies, winning a Academy Award, and his first Feature Film.

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The Final Thrill?

Go on, challenge this one? Let’s see how many people can do a nose dive off a 40 ton whale! I know ONE guy who does this off of Orcas for a living, and even he aint crazy enough to pull that stunt off a 40 ton beast. Of course, I haven’t spoken to him […]

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Mazda Thrills Presents: The Thrillometer

This one gets an 8 on the Thrillometer, because 1. Birds are crazy, so that thing finds some giant birdseed and she is hosed.  2.  Hanging out under a giant bird like that poses other, shall we say concerns.  3.  It reminds me of the ORIGINAL Clash of the Titans scene – you know the […]

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