Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses
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“So, you lied?  You weren’t a minute late . . . you were two minutes late?”


Swift shot: Filthy, fantastic, & funny – it’s “9 to 5” meets “Strangers on a Train”.  I laughed to the point of pain in quite a few places, and I enjoy these kinds of summer check your brain at the door type comedies.  Overall a decent effort by all involved, and I was not a fan of Charlie Day, until now – he certainly carried his part with a not too shabby script and at least one leading comic strongman to contend with in Bateman.  And, with comedy, more than any other acting arena, timing is everything, and chemistry with an ensemble cast is a must.  The triplicate team of Bateman, Sudeikis and Day was an odd, yet effective mashing of different styles that somehow worked.

To say this was an overtly raunchy comedy is like saying “A Clockwork Orange” was only slightly disturbing, competing with this year’s Hangover Part II is no easy hurdle, so when you can’t outwit someone, out-sleaze them – seemed to be quite effective with Aniston’s scenes especially.  I almost feel like I am spoiling something by telling you that even salty sea-dogs may turn red a few times with her character’s ridiculous slut-bag behavior . . . especially considering she is supposed to be hot for Dale played by Charlie Day.

On that note, Jason Sudeikis’ character, Kurt is apparently gifted with not only a silver tongue but a lightning fast closure speed, in one scene he seduces and slams in less than ten minutes, all while another character is spilling some beans (shall we say) of his own. Yea, if THAT line offended you, please, avoid this film, because you are too delicate and foo-foo to enjoy the comedy.  I found it hard to swallow that Dale or Kurt would be so incredibly smooth with the fairest sex.

Kevin Spacey, what, like I NEED to say anything else here?  Colin Farrell, well, you’ll certainly hate his character enough to enjoy his fate.  And there are a few other cameos that I won’t ruin here, suffice to say you’ll recognize them when you see them.  Seth Gordon directed, he’s already a director to keep in your cross-hairs, Horrible Bosses didn’t suck, and he has comedy down.  Brett Ratner, our local hero, produced this film, and I always laugh at his shit and this was no exception.

With all this epic raunchy action happening you might miss some key moments that actually force you to pay close attention in the film, I was so caught up in the moments and laughing my ass off that I missed at least a couple things, so you had a kind of Shamalyian twist effect at the end, let me clarify that and say that was a HINT to what you should be paying attention to.  You’ll enjoy this adult film, but, please don’t be an idiot and let your kids see this one, not til they are old enough to drive at least.

At the end, you may just find yourself wondering . . . is my boss the Total Fucking Asshole, Evil Crazy Bitch, Dipshit Cokehead Son, or Twisted Old Fuck?  Me, I love my boss – because I AM THE BOSS!  And, Sergio Diaz, if you are late to Harry Potter I will eat your dog!!!  And, if you don’t have one, I will provide you one just so I can make good on that promise.  

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3 Responses to Horrible Bosses

  1. Amadarwin July 23, 2011 at 7:23 am #

    Aniston's scenes were spanktastic! I have to say Aniston's filth surprised me as much as Bob Saget's first stand-up gig outside of Full House, but all the bosses totally stole each and every scene from the leads. You can tell they all enjoyed playing their roles. Overall a fun movie if that's your type of humor. It's a shame the gags weren't nonstop.

  2. Bobby V July 8, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    Rick, your review is spot on. I walked away liking it a lot more than the Hangover-formula script should have allowed. That's because the actors really played well together. It was mindless entertainment, but that's still entertainment!


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