Comet TV – September Highlights


August was a busy month, we had a solar eclipse and a great fight that was the most hyped event since the moon landing.

And speaking of fighters, September is Godzilla month at Comet TV. All day Labor Day they will be running a marathon. And whenever I think of Godzilla, it’s always who he is “VS” that intrigues me. So, to that end, I have had a little fun with the latest Comet TV giveaway, none other than Godzilla himself. But, when I got him out of the box, he started attacking all my friends!

Can you figure out who all these opponents are? I may be giving away a prize to the person who can name them all!

There are a lot of movies that aren’t Godzilla this month too, and here’s a few from the September lineup that I have actually seen. And, as always, check out the complete schedule on Comet TV!

From Dusk Till Dawn: One of those unusual movies that starts out as one thing and morphs into a completely different genre. I like to say it is really three movies in one. One about a crime spree, another about the complexities of family and the final film is a horror gore fest worthy of the masters.

Stigmata: A supernatural thriller that focuses on the end of times and a message from the devil, or is it someone else? Patricia Arquette does a decent job as the much put upon non-believer who wants nothing to do with her affliction.

Arena: A cult classic about gladiator matches in space, where the victor takes all, and the loser takes a dirt nap, permanently. One human has the balls to step into the arena and show these stupid aliens who is boss. 

Lady in White: One of my favorite kid movies from the ’80s that is considered a horror movie that kids could handle back then. What makes it so incredible is how everything resolves in the end and that is more a murder mystery than a ghost story. It’s one of those cool haunted house stories where you are rooting for the ghost. 

And, if you can only catch one of these films, I highly suggest Lady in White! It’s fairly kid friendly too and is a good reminder about the true nature of monsters in our world.

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Force Friday II

Force Friday II is hitting over 20,000 stores!

This weekend – Augmented Reality (AR) is coming to over 20,000 retail locations and select landmarks around the entire planet! “Force Friday II” is here. Star Wars is launching this unprecedented event to introduce 15 new characters from The Last Jedi that YOU can interact with in YOUR environment. There’s a whole new line of […]

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Traitor of Mars

Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars – Fathom Events Screening

Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited about August 21st, and I keep saying, “The only good bug is a dead bug!” Of course they just give me dumb looks, because they are talking about the eclipse.

I remember my first eclipse, I was about nine years old, and I was convinced the world was going to end. Some of my friends had me all riled up about it, and when it finally happened, it wasn’t much to write home about. Now, when Starship Troopers launched in 1997, I actually did write home about it!

In case you apes haven’t heard yet, for one night only, Fathom Events will be showing Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars in select theaters near you. That’s Monday, August 21st! Mark your calendars, buy your tickets, and get ready to see something special.

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New Series – I Hart Food

In the before time, let’s call it about three years ago, I stumbled onto this YouTube channel where this zany lesbian would get drunk and attempt to cook things. So, flash forward a few years to present day, and she’s been pretty successful. With over 5 million fans across various social media apps, she’s caught […]

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Steel Dawn

Comet TV – August Lineup

Now, the film we delighted in watching back in my teens was Steel Dawn, starring action hero Patrick Swayze as Nomad, a bad ass in a post-apocalyptic world who has to help some settlers survive. I can’t really remember much about Steel Dawn other than it was pretty violent, and I think we were too young to watch it. But, now it is playing on Comet TV this month, so I can check it out again – FOR FREE! That’s 100% free, no illegal downloads or trick commitment to sign-up to any garbage to “get something for free.” It’s airing this Friday at 8P/7C.

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