Comet TV – January Lineup

Happy New Year everyone! Now that you’ve survived your holiday hangovers and are still getting used to seeing 2018 all over the place, it’s time to jump right into it and check out Comet TV’s January lineup. They have an eclectic mix of macabre and monstrous movies to help you weather the “Bomb Cyclone” that the media is labeling as the most recent extinction event . . . or whatever brumal fear mongering they need to push to remain relevant this month. As for me, I am glad a place like Comet TV exists, and remember you don’t need a subscription to watch any of these great movies or shows. They are ALWAYS airing on Comet TV for the low, low price of FREE!

Dolls 1987

Airing today, they have Dolls (1987) which I never watched, because I was too chicken-shit as a kid. I didn’t mind Puppet Master though, but there is just something about that pestiferous Punch and Judy doll that just doesn’t sit right with me. Even as an adult, I would probably fill it with some Glaser Safety Slugs just to make sure it KNEW I shot it and not to go messing around in my damned toy box! 



And don’t you dare miss the Edgar Allan Poe double features!

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