iRATEcast Kick Ass

Tried something a little new Sunday and invited a few fans and our writers to a little live chat, courtesy of  I can’t say enough about how great their service is – and the price is right! Hope @ChloeGMoretz is pleased with our little back and forth; we tried to grab the elusive @actionchick, […]

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Tommy Chong & iRATEfilms

Hey Watch This – Coming tomorrow, everywhere! Cheech and Chong’s Hey Watch This will be the maiden voyage for a trendsetting new release model, making the content available Day in Date on every platform including a limited theatrical run, DVD/Blu-Ray availability online and at local retail outlets, Video On Demand service, and even the ability […]

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Every Litte Step – Adam Del Deo

Iratefilms was fortunate enough to meet with director Adam Del Deo, co-director and producer of the recently released, Every Little Step.  This film explores the dramatic impact A Chorus Line has had on generations of artists and follows the auditions and lives of several aspiring cast members of the 2006 revival. We met Adam at […]

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